Truth Unveiled: What happens in a lawyer’s sex life?

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Isn’t it strange that every other business sex scene in big-budget porn occurs in a law firm? Or is it the other way around? Don’t all TV series about lawyers have a ton of hot sex scenes? Meghan Markle, we’re looking at you. That one particular scene from “Suits” is what makes thousands of us want to date and fuck a lawyer. Heck, even an intern.

Regardless of whether we’d like to admit it or not, ordinary people obsess with this profession. Not only because of the importance of its practice but also the interesting personal lives men and women in this field lead every day. So, let’s see how is a lawyer’s sex life so lively and find out what makes them so peculiar. Shall we?

Escort With a Lady of the Night

Let’s start off with a banger. Although it might sound like too much, there are a ton of lawyer-prostitute scandals for us to list. These folks simply love hookers, no matter if they’re working the streets or top-dollar escorts. But why is this so? Well, some sex experts suggest there’s a simple answer — they’re overworked and have busy schedules.

Just imagine what a lawyer’s day looks like. They get up in the morning, go to their office, look up files, go to the court, and it’s not even noon. By the end of the day, they repeat this a couple of times and get off after hours of demanding work. All this business builds up frustration that requires letting go, doesn’t it? Well, that’s where the ladies of the night come in.

Instead of going out to a local bar or club and trying to hook up with someone, lawyers tend to take the easy route. Firstly, there’s no chance of rejection, which isn’t something a dedicated professional would enjoy if they’ve had a bad day in court. On the other hand, money is no issue for most of them — they make lots of it.

Lawyers Are Stallions in Bed

Interestingly enough, most escort ladies will not only enjoy the money they get from their lawyer clients. There’s something else. Namely, these men and women are great in bed. On the other hand, with so much cheating going on, why don’t their actual partners leave them? Well, it’s the same. They enjoy sex with them so much that they don’t want to leave.

There are two reasons why lawyers are practically sex machines. The first one has something to do with their actual oral skills. To be a successful man or woman of the law, your speaking skills need to be on a high note. This, naturally, leads to them being pros when it comes to going down on someone. Yup, it’s as simple as that, believe it or not.

On the flip side, lawyers have a high sex drive. In their line of work, there’s a lot of frustration that requires release. And what works better than sex when you want to release stress? Well, nothing. Sex is the simplest and most enjoyable way of getting those happy hormones running down your spine, and lawyers know that.

Many Sexual Partners

It’s not all roses in a lawyer’s sex life. Well, at least for their official partner. Some sex experts suggest that men and women who work as lawyers are more likely to cheat. As such, they have many sex partners. From their husbands and wives, other lawyers, hookers, and, of course, people they meet in clubs and bars.

But what’s behind all this cheating? According to some, lawyers have a natural thirst for power, which they find in sleeping with as many possible partners. And the more partners they get under their belt, the bigger their thirst becomes. It’s the same old story when it comes to power. You never can get enough of it.

Office and Law Firm Romances

With such a thirst for power and many partners, do lawyers bang each other? Oh, yes, they do. Law firm offices are practically orgies. Of course, they don’t do it with clients around. But you can bet your house that all kinds of kinky stuff goes on between colleagues when the curtains are closed. Inside offices, toilets, and even hallways.

Yet, don’t offices disallow relationships between co-workers? That depends from one firm to another. However, even if all law offices would ban their lawyers, interns, and other workers from dating one another, how would they inspect that? Like we’ve said, lawyers are people of many partners, and they don’t exactly go around holding hands.

One study from 2015 suggests that lawyers are a profession that is the most likely to produce same-profession relationships. Moreover, 53% of lawyers that did the survey admitted to at least one office romance. But that’s no wonder. They work all day, are constantly in contact with one another, so sex is naturally going to happen.

High Sex Drive

To be a successful lawyer, one needs to have high ambitions. That’s true for many professions, but there’s something special about these men and women. They are hungry for power, success, and recognition. All this leads to a high sex drive. One poll from Redbook tells us that lawyers want sex all day, every day.

But wanting sex isn’t the same as getting it. We all want all sorts of things but can’t make them work for whatever reason. Yet, it seems like lawyers do see their dreams come true. Of course, that isn’t true for every lawyer out there. Some of them don’t have a high sex drive, are devoted partners, or are even asexual. However, the majority is very horny.

So, if you’re looking to become a lawyer or are dating one, you should consider all the things that we’ve listed. Are you okay with them having had so many partners? Is it okay if your lawyer partner likes to go to town with others? Can you keep up with your sex drive or your partner’s? It’s up to you. Either way, we doubt you’re going to have a boring time being a lawyer or dating/fucking one.