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Robert Parkson
Bob is the owner and the lead editor of the blog. He started the blog back in law school and served as a personal journal of his life as an aspiring lawyer. Now, he runs a team of writers and editors to produce content that a very specific group of people would love but also open to everyone who enjoys some courtroom kink.

Maxim Griffiths
Maxim was one of the first people whom Robert shared this blog with. It was an instant hit, and Maxim even contributed to some of its early contents. He now edits and filters article submissions. and occasionally writes content. Maxim now works as a litigation lawyer while he helps maintain Justice Party USA.

Sarah-Jayne Baldwin
Sarah works as a paralegal, so she is definitely the perfect person to go through the articles and look for errors. She also got some personal stories to tell and steamy things to share that she has witnessed as a paralegal in every place possible.

Allen Golden
Al is the one responsible for ensuring that we recommend products to you that will enhance your sexual life! He coordinates with our sponsors and other companies and makes sure that you love them! He also contributes some kinky courtroom sex stories for you to enjoy!