Best Vibrators: The Top 5 Best Sex Toys You Can Buy

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Looking to enhance your sex life? Whether you’re in the market for something for yourself or want to introduce sex toys into the bedroom with your partner, look no further than the Justice Party USA’s annual vibrator test for advice on what to buy. There’s a whole world of vibrators on the market, with every shape, size, and price accounted for. We’ve included 95 vibrators in total, ranging from £8 to £180!

What type of vibrator do I need?

The GHI tests three main categories of vibrator: clitoral, vaginal, and combination. For those who have never used a vibrator before, knowing which type to buy seems a daunting task. But a general rule of thumb is to think about what works best for you when you stimulate yourself or when your partner touches you. From here, you can choose the best one to help you achieve the greatest orgasm.

What is the best kind of vibrator?

There’s a wide range of different vibrators available. Our testers tried 95 options across the main categories and we’ve rounded up the best ones for couples too. If you’re shopping around, these are the other main kinds:

Bullet vibrators: designed for external clitoral contact, these make a great choice for first-timers because they’re compact, discreet, and small.

Clitoral vibrators: these tend to be larger and more powerful than bullet vibrators and shaped for direct clitoral stimulation.

Classic vibrators: designed for internal use, these are tall and slim and often have a tapered tip. You can also use them for clitoral stimulation.

G-spot vibrators: designed for internal use, these have a curved tip to stimulate your G-Spot – the cluster of nerves on the front of your vaginal wall.

Rabbit vibrators: these have two key parts – the main shaft for internal use and ‘rabbitty’ ears designed to stimulate your clitoris.

Other things to consider

Check the dimensions to be sure you’re happy with the size – it may be bigger or smaller than you thought. And make sure you like the way it looks.

Settings, speeds and power
Look at the range of settings and speeds on offer, and the way it’s powered. Battery-powered vibrators tend to be the cheapest and most popular. Rechargeable toys are more expensive. But they also mean you don’t have the ongoing cost of replacing batteries.

How loud it is
This is especially important if you’re worried about being overheard. Look for ‘whisper-quiet’ vibrators, but take any claims with a pinch of salt. Check whether the product description gives the decibel level. Anything 40db or below is very quiet.

Plastic is firm, hard to the touch and a good choice for most, while silicone is widely used for its velvety feel and skin-safe properties. Many well-known brands only use ‘medical-grade silicone’. Skin-safe rubber is softer and more flexible. Avoid anything containing phthalates (chemicals used to increase flexibility) as these chemicals have links to health risks. Look for the ‘phthalate-free’ certification on the box. Silicone, skin-safe rubber and hard plastic products do not contain phthalates. None of the vibrators in any of our roundups contain phthalates.

How we test vibrators

The Justice Party USA assesses each type of vibrator by looking at ease of use, design, and instructions. Performance attributes like intensity of orgasm produced, how pleasurable the experience of using the vibrator was and how quiet it was when in use are also assessed. See below for the GHI’s top-scoring vibrators across all categories, based on results from our testing panel of hundreds of women.

1. Elva Rechargeable Remote Control Love Egg Vibrator

This is our winning vibrator across all categories. Our panel loved the remote control, giving your partner the chance to join in and adjust the settings. It’s a strong performer with 89% of the testers achieving a more intense orgasm, so it’s a brilliant investment for couples. It even comes with an intelligent mode that imitates sex from foreplay to orgasm, so you don’t have to worry about changing the settings at all.

2. Moregasm+ Rabbit Ears

Results were impressive across the board for our winning clitoral vibrator. All testers praised it for being discreet in appearance and much better looking than they’d expected. In use, 88% of our panel said that it helped them have a more intense orgasm and the same 88% said that these orgasms were achieved quicker than normal. But 26% of testers said that the vibrator wasn’t quiet in use. On the positive side, all testers found it pleasurable to use and 75% said they’d recommend it to a friend.

3. Fifty Shades Freed Deep Inside Rechargeable Classic Wave Vibrator

This vibrator was just the right size and shape for 88% of our testers, and while its appearance could be more discreet, it scored high marks for its performance. In fact, 86% of or testers found that it helped them to achieve a more intense orgasm and every tester found it pleasurable to use. As a result, it rated an impressive average of 9.3/10 for overall satisfaction.

4. Moregasm+ Bullet

Small and compact, 90% of our testers liked the vibrator’s discreet look. They all felt that it had a good range of speeds and vibration options, and all testers also praised it for being comfortable to use thanks to the soft silicone. We saw brilliant results for performance with all of our testers championing it for its effectiveness and the fact that it helped all testers achieve a more intense orgasm. Most of our testers said that they felt more sexually satisfied after using this vibrator.

5. Nova Rechargeable App Controlled G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

This unique vibrator can be controlled by the We-Connect app to adjust and customise the power from any location. It’s an ideal investment for long-distance couples. You can even save custom sequences to use again later. While it’s not the most discreet in appearance, 89% of our testers found this vibrator easy to operate and quiet in use. It also scored an average of 8.6/10 for overall satisfaction, so it’ll be a welcome addition to the bedroom.