About Us

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Courtrooms are my favorite place in the world. Aside from the tension from the judge and lawyers opposing each other, I can always feel the sexual tension in the room. It’s the frustration, the thrill, and the exchange of power that makes me incredibly aroused!

My name is Robert Parkson, a senior partner at one of the law firms in Chicago. Before law school, I have spent my days fooling around with my mates and the ladies. I know my way around words, and I use them well to take them home. When law school happened, the incredible amount of stress was unbearable, but I knew that it’s part of the fast lane life of lawyers. The good part? Stressed and drained law students mean lots of sex. It was the only thing that keeps us together. You would normally see law students reading and listening to court files, and there is absolutely no time to go out and have some fun – except quick and satisfying sex.

Now that I am a lawyer, my fascination for some sex with my peers remain, especially that I can easily access the courtroom, and sometimes the chambers! But life is not always fair, and courtrooms are not always free, so I am thankful for courtroom porn!

Justice Party USA is a website that I have kept for many years since law school. It was my personal journal of my sexcapades and law school frustrations. Today, it’s open to everyone who enjoys courtroom drama and some good courtroom sex. Visit the website regularly for some kinky content and amazing product recommendations that will add value to your steamy nights.